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Pickleball Segment from NBC News show

Ping Pong Segment from The List TV show


Magically Improve Dynamic Range?

Yes, you can improve the dynamic range of you digital camera quickly and easily
with a simple procedure in a program like Photoshop.
Read this article to learn how.

Dusty & Mike's Birthday 'n Graduation Party

Party pictures!

Arizona Table Tennis Photos

2006 Tucson Open Gallery

2006 Arizona Closed

Jay's bird picture collection.

New species added to the menu on 7-14-2004!
New species are, White-winged Dove, Loggerhead Shrike, Black-throated Sparrow,
Black Phoebe, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Canyon Towhee, Dark-eyed Junco,
Great Egret, Western Bluebird and Yellow-rumped Warbler

Additional images of the following birds were also added.
Gila Woodpecker, Cactus Wren, Curve-billed Thrasher, Northern Cardinal,
and Phainopepla.

Bad News Beaters vs. Surly Gurlies

AZRD at its finest!

Click here to learn more about Arizona Roller Derby.

Peaches and Pepsi

Click here for some puppies catching some "air".

Click here for some puppy pics.

2004 Digiscoping Birds Equipment Poll

The 2004 Digiscoping Birds Equipment Poll compiled by Roy Halpin is now up.
Click here to view it.
Click here to look at last years results.

Digiscoping with Catadioptric Scopes

This new article, Digiscoping with Catadioptric Scopes discusses some of the pros and cons of using
a catadioptric scope for digiscoping and provides
some test images to demonstrate the kind of results
that can be obtained.

Online Digiscoping Calculator

Click here to go to the online digiscoping calculator.

Understanding Vignetting while Digiscoping

Understanding Vignetting
An explanation of the fundamental concepts that determine the degree of vignetting when afocally coupling a camera (especially a digital camera) to a telescope.
(Click the picture for more info.)

Digiscoping on the Cheap

Captain Setup
An overview on how to digiscope with a $60 LOMO Captain spotting scope.
(Click the picture for more info.)

CoolPix Shade

A "homebrew" project to make an LCD shade for the Nikon CoolPix 995 camera (and other digital cameras) from an inexpensive slide viewer.
(Click the picture for more info.)

Table Tennis Max Speed?

What is the fastest velocity of a table tennis ball? There is a tendency among table tennis enthusiasts to overestimate the truth. This page gives some insight. The following two links will bring you to two javascript calculators that I wrote that will calculate the decrease in table tennis and other ball speeds due to air friction. They use a simple physics model and iterative calculations rather than calculus.

Table Tennis Calculator
Ball Speed Calculator

Mike and Darcy's Wedding

Click here to see some pictures from the wedding on Saturday.
More to come later....

Pepsi pics for Wanda!

Click here for a folder with a couple more Pepsi Pics.

Wanda's purple flowers are blooming!

Its a Happy Birthday sunrise picture for Wanda!

New Flowers New Flowers
**NEW** 09-05-02 The organ pipe is at it again. This time with two blossoms.
Sunrise from our backyard and our organ pipe cactus blooming.

Some quickie pictures of Popcorn and Sparkle. Popcorn is either groggy from being woken up or is forlorn and missing Wanda.
Sparkle simply thinks someone wants to feed her again.

** There are new bird pictures posted as of 04-07-02 and there is a new page with flower pictures. **
Look for the Flower Pictures link in the menu under Photographs.

On Saturday, 4-6-02, we had some rain in the morning that was brought in by some very interesting clouds. Here are two pictures of the clouds from our backyard. One is a panorama that I stitched together from three images. The other is a single image.

Bird pictures from our backyard.

Wanda's MSN Home page. Click here to see pictures of family and friends.
Wanda puts this page together and updates it from time to time.

Click on the associated PICTURE for the sites listed below
to go to the related site.

Insects Inside
This site features Amazing! exotic insects from around the world. These are real insects sealed in acrylic. These are great for kids and adults. The site also features insects in amber, insect jewelry and insect art. Insects Inside is the creation of Chuck Smith and the Smith family (Jay's younger sister's family.)

Bill Gibson
Bill Gibson passed away on May 8th of 2002. I have put together a page with some pictures of the get-together at Chris and Jo Gibson's home and the simple ceremony where Bill's ashes were scattered.

Jackie Wilcox
Jackie Wilcox passed away in March of 2002. I have put together a simple page with some pictures and other information for those who were unable to attend the services.

Three Dogs and a Cat
Visit this site for some great dog toys (Air Dog) and the world famous Paw Stockings. Three Dogs and a Cat is the company formed by Wanda's cousin and her husband.

Panoram Web Site
Would you believe that "music videos" are not a new idea invented by MTV? Go to this Mills Panoram page to find out about the world's first video jukebox.

Studio 522
This is the Animation and Graphics studio that I co-founded with my partners Mike and Angel. We create a number of commercials (some that you will recognize) and animations for a variety of clients and uses. Take a visit to see some examples.


Studio 522
Any questions or comments about this page or site? Then just email me a note.

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